22 Jan 2013


Finally, I graduated in Electrical Engineering last December from UQAC, Qc, Canada. With some money now coming regularly in my bank account, I can buy some lab equipment and experiment with electronics. Lots of fun to come!

I plan to document some of my experiments, share useful circuits and tips. I might post on this blog at least once a week, maybe more in the beginning :)

At first, I will show you what my lab looks like, which tool and instrument I will be using. After some summer jobs and internships, I got a good idea of what is needed to develop and debug printed circuit boards.

Next, I will cover the basics of electronics with some formulas and explain the function of the most common components. This information is redundant, and can be found all over the web but I'll do it for the sake of completeness. I'll try to make it the shortest as possible and get straight to the points. It's going to be done with my understanding and approach of electronics. Look at it like a reference.

I will then describe some of the circuits I'm tinkering with and add some photos/videos here. I would also like to present the software I'm using most of the times, microcontrollers I like to use etc... I'm a fan of the Python programming language too, so I may post some scripts used to compute components value to use in the circuits.

If you have any request for topics to cover, project suggestion or simply help correct errors in my texts (I speak French) then you can contact me at fred_blais5[at]hotmail[dot]com

Stay tuned!

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