3 Nov 2013

I'm back for the winter

Hi everyone, I suppose some of you noticed that I have been silent for a couple months now. I have been pretty this summer with work and sport. At the beginning of October, I also moved into my new house so I had to move my workbench and all my electronic stuff. That was a lot of work!

Even if I have not posted any blog post, I have been working on a side project with a friend from Spain, Arrizen. The project is about domotics and you can learn more about it on our project website : Koollaborate.

Here is an excerpt from the website describing the project :

This project is about creating a home network of autonomous little sensor/actuator node called ‘Motes’. The Mote is a generic pluggable module comprising a brain (┬ÁController) and a communication module. The Motes are slaves to a central controller. Motes with different ┬ÁC will be designed; they will share code librairies and projects should compile and work on the different architectures.

The goal of this project is to provide a cheap module for home automation that you can program to your will and make it communicate information. It will help someone focus on the project he wants to do and not designing controllers board over and over.

Domotics is a subject that interests me a lot because it involves electricity, electronics, programming, human machine interface, communication protocols, internet, servers...

For an house to be intelligent, it needs to be able communicate information to you, even if you are not home. In the next article, I will show you how to use the Python programming language to send emails and text messages on your cellphone.

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